Elon Musk Internet Project: The Star Link

The star Link is the internet project of the CEO of the Space Company Elon Musk. His goal is to provide high-speed internet to people. The objective of this project is to provide an internet connection to every person on the earth by launching the satellites into orbit. In 2021 the SpaceX has launched about … Read more

What is Augmented Reality?

It is basically the technology to impose something like text-sound and image on the real world thing we see. Using Augmented Reality we can enhance the real physical world. Augmented reality uses digital elements to enhance the real physical world. The digital elements may be a sound, image or other thing delivered via technology. The … Read more

web 3.0

web 3.0 is basically the transformation from web 2.0 the new paradigm is the web interaction that will use Artificial intelligence and machine-based understanding is the third generation of web technology. With the advent of web 3.0, more intelligent websites will be created. Web 3.0 is not been implemented yet it will take years to … Read more

Metaverse Explained

Metaverse is a broad terminology and it refers to the virtual environment which is shared and can be accessed through the internet. It is the combination of augmented reality and virtual reality and also a video where people will live in a virtual or digital universe. Metaverse enables the users to stay connected while playing, … Read more

Human Immortality?

Mind Uploading The idea of Mind uploading goes beyond which said that you do not even need a body to exist b/c scientists believe that one-day human consciousness will live on a computer. In the mind uploading the basic idea is that the brain is uploaded to the connectome which is the brain’s neural connections … Read more

Internet of Behavior

The internet of Things (IoT) as we are very well familiar with is the internet of various things connected with each other’s to collect and share information. The data collected in this way is very useful and valuable. By this information, we can assess the interests, preferences, and behavior of the people and this is … Read more

What is Bitcoin

It is created in Jan 2009 and is commonly abbreviated as “BTC”. It is a decentralized digital currency. The person who created the bitcoin is still a mystery. The transactional fee of Bitcoin is less than the other online payment. There is no central authority that has command over bitcoin. To keep it secure it … Read more

What is Digital Money?

Also called Digital Currency and it refers to money that exists in digital form. It is not physically existed like paper money or coin and it is transferred through computers.  Using smartphones, credit cards, or online cryptocurrency digital currency can be transferred. We can also change it into physical form by withdrawing money from ATMs. … Read more

iPhone 13

Announced 2021, September 14 Status Available. Released 2021, September 24 Dimensions 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7 mm (5.78 x 2.81 x 0.30 in) Weight 174 g (6.14 oz) OS iOS 15 Chipset Apple A15 Bionic (5 nm) CPU Hexa-core (2×3.22 GHz + 4xX.X GHz) GPU Apple GPU (4-core graphics) Apple has launched iPhone 13 with … Read more

Carbon Fibers

It is entirely made of carbon by applying heat to acrylic fibers and pitch. After the distillation of the crude oil, a substance remains that is called pitch.  This carbon fibers is 10 times more in strength to that of iron and interestingly with only one-quarter the weight which makes it very light. It is … Read more