Netflix Alternatives


It is owned by Walmart and has a large collection of movies and shows. It also provides a premium package. As it is free so we have to sit for the ads. Vudu forces us to create an account to get started. The process is simple. It also asks for credit card information but you can skip it.


It is another popular free streaming site with a reasonable amount of movies and shows are available for free download. It has a will-friendly interface to navigate. The movies are available in different resolutions and sizes for free download.


Crackle is also a free streaming service provider which has a good amount of movies shows and much more to enjoy. As it is free so we have to bear the ads. The Crackle has about 75 shows and 150 movies. Crackle also has some original content. The Sony Entertainment and Chicken Soup for the Soul owned the Crackle. It does not force us to sign up but if we sign up we will get more features. It has 21 original shows and 17 films. When an ad appears during the movie we can’t switch the tab if we do the ad will be stopped automatically and when we back it starts from there. So we have to watch the full ad.

Tubi TV

Tubi is another popular online streaming service provider, which has a large and rich library of movies and shows. It is a free and ad-supported streaming provider. It has a well-designed and friendly interface. But one drawback with Tubi TV one may not find the latest content here, but still, there are plenty of movies to watch. It has a category section for movies. The ads are not lengthy and a couple of ads are shown during the movie of the show. And it provides the option to dislike the ad if we are not liking the ad so it will not be displayed again.


It is another popular media server. It offers free TV shows, movies documentaries. It offers its services with ads. It is easy to create an account. We can create multiple accounts. it also provides parental controls. It has a friendly user interface. The playlist is not yet supported.


IMDB TV has a rich collection of TV Shows and movies. It is owned by Amazon. It displays the movies and shows by their rating. Registration is required. It is supported by various devices like Smart TVs, mobile apps, web desktop etc. it has a decent library of contents but its contents are not original like paid platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Only available in United States.


Peacock is one of the best free alternative to Netflix. It is owned by NBC. It offers movies and TV shows. It is free so we have to bear the commercials. But the best thing with the peacock is that it requires no credit card while signing. Peacock has a home section and also a kids page which has reasonable contents.

      Peacock is free so it offers limited collection. So it has also premium and premium plus accounts. The premium account access to everything but the ads will be still there. The premium plus removes the ads.

Peacock has over 13000 hours of free content. One can also set parental access. But it doesn’t have user profile and mobile downloads. It is available In United states, Guam, Samoa virgin Island.

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