What is a personalized content recommendation?

To improve customer experience, boost user traffic, and increase purchase conversion companies uses personalized content recommendation. It is a strategy in which the content is tailored in a way that matches the behavior, preferences, and characteristics to target a specific user. Different methods are used for this purpose i.e. emails, interactive quizzes, targeted ads, and e-commerce recommendations.

Content Personalization Methods:

Demographic content personalization:


In this type of strategy, the audience is targeted based on demography and behavior. The company can group its audience on the bases of age, gender, geography, language, and type of device used. So in this way, the company can target a relevant group of users. But this strategy does not provide a high level of personalization because the content is only personalized at a segment level.

Persona-based content personalization:

In this method of personalization, the company connects with its audience at a more personal level. Unlike the first strategy, this method involves identifying and understanding a person’s purchase drivers and his purchasing decisions, which enables the companies to connect at a more personal level with the audience.

Buyer journey-based personalization:

In this strategy, the companies normally create visual maps. This map shows the user’s position in the purchasing journey.
When a user first visit a site may be the user just want to get awareness about the product or purchase it means that the user is in the awareness stage so the company can provide the content in the form of an article, blog post, or video. In this way, the company can lead the user to the purchase stage.
Data plays an important role in personalization. Based on the data the companies can get information about customers, their needs, and what they want. Also, they can gain information about their interest and motivation.

Content Personalization tools:

Marketers can use a variety of tools to deliver personalized content to the audience, these tools may include Hubspot, Optin Monster, Moosend, Yusp, Qubit, etc. to deliver personalized content the companies also use the web cookies.
Youtube, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon Spotify, etc are delivering personalized content to their users.


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