What is virtual watch party?

A virtual party also known as virtual screening is defined as “when some previously recorded video content is watched virtually by a group of people is referred to as a virtual watch party”. There are many virtual party platforms some of which are discussed below:

1. Netflix Party / Teleparty:

It is a virtual watch party service provided by Netflix. Normally 50 people are allowed to join the party. First, we need to install an extension named (Netflix Party extension) available for Chrome and Opera browsers. To use the extension follow the steps below:
Install the extension to your browser.
Pin the extension to the Chrome toolbar. search for the icon-like puzzle piece in the top right corner of the browser. Click it and go to all extensions. Now look for the Netflix logo and click the pin button next to it.
Then go to Netflix and click the video you watch with your friends. Open the video. When the video starts the extension icon will turn red.
Now click the icon and click “Start the Party”.
Send the URL to your friends and invites them to join the party.
Note one thing all members must have the extension installed and also have a Netflix subscription.
During the playback, the users are able to chat via text.

2. Scener:

Scener is also a virtual watch party option to watch remotely via Vimeo, Netflix, Disney+ and HBO. in its private option it allows 10 persons to join. While the public session allows unlimited peoples to join. To use the scener we will need to instal an extension only available for chrome upto now. Like the netlix party add the extgension to tha toolbar. 
  Now to start the click the scener logo and press the “create a theater”. Then choose the public or private mode of the party. Then send the link to friends and invite them to join the party.

3. Hulu Watch Party:

It is supported directly in the Hulu service itself. Unlike the other two it doesnot need an extension. 
  1. To start the party got o Hulu on the browser
  1. Select the movie or show you want to watch. Just next to the play button, there is an icon for “watch party”. Click that button.
  2. Now it will take you to the next screen where you will find a link. Copy and share that link with your friends.
    Note: Every Participant must have a Hulu subscription, also some of the content is not available for watching parties like live Tv, etc.

4. Amazon Prime Video:

 It also works exactly like the Hulu Party. Very simple to use. No instalation of the extension is required. availible for desktop/laptop computers. you just have to select the video, then you will enter into another prompt enter your name. the vidio will start. now just copy the watch party link and share it with your friends. the watch party will only works for Amazon Content. 

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