Best 5 Rabbit Alternatives ( in 2021


Rabbit is also known as Rabbit was a most popular social network and broadcast video streaming center. It has given an opportunity to a large number of people to share their screen with each other at the same time. Rabbit enabled them to share their desired content to their targeted audience without facing any problems. But it is so sad to know that Rabbit is no longer available to anyone for live streaming because it has been acquired by Kast.

This happened in May 2019, due to its lack of funds. We can understand that we all miss a more beneficial and awesome Rabbit application. It was so amazing. For your entertainment and joyful environment, today we are telling you about the most popular Rabbit Alternatives, which are as same as Rabbit. Their most features and services are the same as Rabbit.

Rabbit Alternatives:

Following are the main Rabbit alternatives, which provide you the same couple of services as Rabbit:

  • Watch2gether
  • Kast
  • Netflix
  • Gaze
  • &Chill


Watch2gether is a platform where you can watch your desired videos together with your friends and other audience. You can also share your content with other parties. Your content is totally synchronized when you share it with others. So you don’t need to worry about your privacy. It is a platform where you can create your own chat room free of cost. You don’t need to sign up. Once you created your own chat room now you can invite your friends to chat with you and share your desired content with them.

It is noted that the videos you can watch under this website are restricted to just supported platforms, which support this video like (Amazon, Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion ).Watch2gether will enable you to listen to your favourite music together with your friends and family. It provides you a platform to watch live video streaming together with your limited audience.


Followings are Watch2gether main features:

  • Online sharing content.
  • Live video streaming.
  • No need to sign up for chatting.
  • Online gaming with friends.
  • Listening to music.
  • Totally synchronized your shared content.


Kast is another latest and most popular alternative software of Rabbit. It is also like Rabbit and its features are almost the same as Rabbit. Kast is now used in PC′s, Android, Mac, and iPhones.

Kast is a broadcast video streaming platform and you can watch videos and can share your videos with your friends through this Application. You can create your private Rabbit room for sharing your content in Kast. Everyone wants to play games with others live on a desktop, so by downloading this app your desire to play with others online will be accomplished. You also don’t need to worry about your private content secrecy because after setting the privacy of your Rabbit (Kast) room, your personal data will be secured.

By using the Kast application you can also voice or video chat with your friends and family. At the same time, the same content can be sent to a large group.


The followings are Kast main features:

  • Live videos streaming together.
  • Online chatting in a group.
  • Sharing the same content to a large group at the same time.
  • Privacy can be applicable to confidential content.
  • Hosting and enjoying parties together.
  • Playing games with friends.
  • Watching TV together.
  • Listening to music.

Netflix Party:

Netflix Party is another watching-together platform and the best alternative to Rabbit. It is a browser extension for Google Chrome. For using it, it is needed for you and your friends to install its extension before you start sharing your videos. Using Netflix Party is as simple as using Netflix. For using Netflix Party, you have to create your Netflix account. After log in to your Netflix account, select a video. Now you can use the extension to create your Netflix party and then invite friends for live video streaming.

It must be kept in mind that its extension will not work with other platforms only it can work with Netflix.

Some limitations are involved in this application like, it is only made for Netflix streaming. Installation of extension is necessary for using it.


The followings are Netflix Party main features:

  • Just available for Google chrome.
  • An extension is required.
  • All sharing content is synchronized.


The gaze is another alternative to Rabbit and it is known as a registration free streaming service. All content sharing through this application is also synchronized. You can create your chat room without any cost and can invite your friends to chat with you. You can share videos and your desired content with your family and audience. With a simple click, you can create your room for watching together with your limited audience. You can also listen to your favourite music either audio or video. This video streaming is restricted to some specific platforms like Facebook, amazon, youtube, and Dailymotion.


The followings are Gaze main features:

  • Share videos with your friends.
  • Listen to music(audio or video).
  • Share your desired content like (audio or video files) with your friends.


&Chill is another latest alternate of Rabbit.It is also a video streaming application. But it is unique from other alternatives of Rabbit. Because video streaming and watching movies in this app is quite different from other apps. When you start video streaming while using it, you feel your′s room is like a theatre and you can choose your seat according to your own choice. When you choose your seat, your screen view will be adjusted according to your choice. You can create your private or public room. If you create a private room, your personal data and content will not be visible to unauthorized audiences.


  • Unique due to its theatre style.
  • Best quality video streaming
  • Watch online everything which you want.
  • Can be used without signing in.

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