What is a personalized content recommendation?

To improve customer experience, boost user traffic, and increase purchase conversion companies uses personalized content recommendation. It is a strategy in which the content is tailored in a way that matches the behavior, preferences, and characteristics to target a specific user. Different methods are used for this purpose i.e. emails, interactive quizzes, targeted ads, and … Read more

What are the Emerging Trends in Streaming Technology

1. Hybrid System Model: Streaming platforms are now changing strategies they are now using the hybrid models which is the combination of subscription-based services with advertising content. This hybrid model strategy allows the companies to provide the content with no or less price and still gather revenue. 2. Nich and Specialized Streaming Platforms: As we … Read more

Best Streaming Services 0f 2023

what is Online Streaming? When multimedia i.e. video files, film, and tv programs is delivered to our devices like mobile phones, laptops, or computers in a continuous fashion from the internet without intermediate storage is called online streaming. Some of the streaming services are free like Crackle, Engage Media, Retrovision, Internet Archive etc and some … Read more

Best 5 Rabbit Alternatives ( Rabb.it) in 2021

Rabbit Alternatives

Rabbit: Rabbit is also known as rabb.it. Rabbit was a most popular social network and broadcast video streaming center. It has given an opportunity to a large number of people to share their screen with each other at the same time. Rabbit enabled them to share their desired content to their targeted audience without facing … Read more