Best Streaming Services 0f 2023

what is Online Streaming?

When multimedia i.e. video files, film, and tv programs is delivered to our devices like mobile phones, laptops, or computers in a continuous fashion from the internet without intermediate storage is called online streaming. Some of the streaming services are free like Crackle, Engage Media, Retrovision, Internet Archive etc and some of the online streaming platforms are paid which includes Netflix, iTune, Hulu, Vudu, Amazon Instant, LoveFilm, etc. In this article, we will compare some of the paid online streaming services.

1. NetFlix:

Netflix is one of the top online streaming services because it is reliable, it has a user-friendly interface and it has a large and diverse catalog. Netflix is constantly growing its library and coming up with original content. 


                   NetFlix has many subscription tiers. The Standard tier previously costs $13.99 now costs $15.49/month. It allows user to unlock HD content and it also allows the user to stream on two devices at a time. The premium plan which previously costs $17.99 now costs $19.99/month. This subscription allows one to stream on four devices simultaneously and also gives access to 4K contents. Another cheaper subscription plan is for $9.99/month which allows users to stream content on a single device. There is an ad-supported tier of Netflix for $6.99/month with limited NetFlix shows.

2. Hulu:

Hulu is another diverse online streaming service. It has a variety of shows from ABC, Fox, and Fx networks and also a catalog of its own original content. It has a robust cloud DVR option. It has availability on all streaming media devices. Its monthly subscription starsts from $8 with ads, while its ad’s free version costs $15/month. It has also a good plan for college students $1.99/month. Its Live Tv plan price is $69.99/month.

3. Amazon Prime Vedio:

It also provides a lot of ad-free and quality original shows. We can access prime video services in two ways 1) Amazon video subscription which costs $8.99/month and allows one to access only the video library. 2)Amazon Prime subscription which costs $14.99/month. This subscription includes prime video content and also some other shopping and shipping facilities. Some of the popular Amazon Prime shows are Cataqstrope, The Boys, Bosch, Tales from the Loop, and Fleabag. It also broadcast WNBA games and Thursday Night Football games.

4. ESPN Plus:

For sports fans especially for UFC and hockey ESPN Plus is the best streaming service. It also offers MLS soccer league games and hockey league games. ESPN also streams UFC matches on the basis of pay-per-view. Its basic subscription starts at $10/month.

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