What is the Kast app? Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking for a place to watch movies, to play, and hang out with friends just hop onto the Kast app and start sharing experience real-time.

Up to 20 people can share their screen or camera and another 100 can watch at a party. With Kast TV, you can stream directly from the cloud.


Version                1.8.1

Developer             Evasyst

Category               Apps,Entertainment

ID                          com.evasyst.Kast

Installs                  100,000+

Updated                Oct 06,2020.

What is Kast?

Kast is your shared TV in your virtual living room. A real-time video sharing app with an always evolving content library, screen sharing, voice, text, and video chat makes it easy to connect with friends wherever they are. Movie nights, games, a virtual house party-Kast is the ultimate place to watch together, play together, be together. Kast is available across all platforms: you can launch Kast in your browser (Chrome or Edge), download the desktop app for PC or Mac, and get it for Android.

Is Kast Free or not?

You can use Kast for free with an option to get a Base or Premium subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, you can watch and use free content from Kast TV for streaming. Base membership gives you access to screen sharing. Being a Premium Member comes with the following perks: no ads, HD streaming, access to Kast TV′s own content library, Picture-in-Picture, and exclusive animated reactions in the chat.

  • Kast Base Membership:

Host watch parties using screen share and invite friends to watch for free with Kast Base membership. Kast Base subscription gives you everything that you need to host watch parties for $9.99/year-less than $1/month.

For availing  this opportunity you have to sign up for Kast Base.

  • Email use for Kae Base:

For the Kast Base sign up process, you just use the email  ID  associated with the Kast account. If you made a mistake then contact [email protected] for resolving this issue.


You just level up your game as a Premium member for a low monthly fee of  $4.99. Enjoy an ad-free experience with HD video quality and increased bitrate! You can also screen share and webcam at the same time and access additional content on Kast TV.

Credit Card information handling by Kast: 

Kast does not handle any credit card information, Kast uses a trusted third-party provider in order to handle payment, for detail you need to read out all the details about its security and compliance.

Payment refunding procedure in a Kast App:

If you cancel before the end of your subscription, you will not get a partial refund, but you will be able to use Kast  Premium or Kast Base until the end of your subscription period.

Kast ( as a Mobile App):

You can watch anything others play on  Kast and share your camera and mic on Android or ἰOS. You can also host a watch party and stream content from Kast TV on mobile or tablet. Screen Sharing is only available on Kast Web and the desktop app.

Screen Sharing on Kast:

Screen Sharing is another feature of Kast, You can choose to watch content together through screen sharing from your laptop or computer. Alternatively, you can launch Kast TV, browse free to watch services on Kast TV′s own library, and stream directly from the cloud.

Watching under Kast:

You can watch and talk at the same time when streaming from Kast TV without an echo or having to use a third party software. Select your microphone as your audio input when you start sharing your video and mic on top of Kast TV.

Availability of Kast TV:

Kast TV is available from your party controls in your party. You just hit the TV icon and launch content from Kast TV′s offering. If you are not in your own party, you will need casting permission from the party moderators to start streaming Kast TV content.

  • Content:

When you open Kast TV, you will see dedicated channels with free to stream third-party content (currently Tube, Youtube to coming soon and more to come) available for all, and Kast TV′s own library with films and series, available for Kast Premium members. Kast TV′s content offering will evolve over time based on community feedback.

  • Control over Kast TV:

Anyone with Kasting rights can control and launch  Kast TV at a watch party. The person who started the stream has the ability to control the playback function (stop, resume, etc). Anyone with casting rights has the ability to replace the content as well.

  • Payment for Kast TV:

You can watch channels with free third-party content with your free Kast account, But Kast TV′s own content library is only available for Kast Premium members, If some person with a premium subscription is playing content at a party, then they can leave their stream on for others to watch even if they leave this party.

Kast Web Version and Downloadable:

On Kast Web, you can choose a specific browser tab as your audio source instead of your computer′s audio on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux. This means no echo! Also when sharing your entire screen on the Web Version (Windows only) Kast′s sound will not get picked up.

The Downloadable version for Windows and Mac has similar features as the Web app.

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