Is 5G safe?

It is the latest wireless technology that not only connects mobile devices but also other devices. 5G produces energy called electromagnetic radiation. These electromagnetic frequencies produce an area called electromagnetic field which many people believe it has a negative effect on health. To date, there is limited research by EMF of 5G according to WHO. … Read more

What is 5G?

It is the latest wireless communication technology. It is the succession of after 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G. with 5G technology it is made possible to connect virtually devices, machines, and objects. 5G has a much higher speed than 4G theoretically 20 Gbps that of 4G which is 1Gbps and 5G has much lower latency which … Read more

What Is IoT?

The IoT or Internet of things is the association of different devices that can be electrical or digital machines or can be animals or people where each is provided with a unique identification number known as (UIDs) which is an alphanumeric string or simply numeric associated with each object. In IoT, each object has the … Read more

Window 11

On June 24, 2021, Microsoft has announced a new release of Windows i.e. window 11, to be released late this year. it is the successor of windows 10 which is released in 2015. The new version is available for window insiders on insider channels to download and use. A short Tour to window 11: … Read more

Best 5 Rabbit Alternatives ( in 2021

Rabbit Alternatives

Rabbit: Rabbit is also known as Rabbit was a most popular social network and broadcast video streaming center. It has given an opportunity to a large number of people to share their screen with each other at the same time. Rabbit enabled them to share their desired content to their targeted audience without facing … Read more

Rabbit Screen Share: Best Step by step guide for beginners

rabbit screen share

In this article, we will discuss the Rabbit screen share. At this time, we can say that we have all options of entertainment. We can enjoy ourselves with different social media platforms. For entertaining ourselves, we have to download different applications on our mobile or desired devices. Without the usage of different devices or mobile, … Read more

What is the Kast app? Comprehensive Guide

what is kast app,kast app

If you are looking for a place to watch movies, to play, and hang out with friends just hop onto the Kast app and start sharing experience real-time. Up to 20 people can share their screen or camera and another 100 can watch at a party. With Kast TV, you can stream directly from the … Read more

How to make Rabbit room private? Best Guide 2021

how to make rabbit room private

In this article, I am discussing about creating a Rabbit room and I will also discuss about how can we make a Rabbit room private. After reading this article, you will be able to know about Rabbit(a social network). I will give you a complete guideline about the Rabbit room, its privacy, and live streaming … Read more